the beginning

Bodiam Castle - Easter 2013
Bodiam Castle – Easter 2013

Living overseas is a great adventure, an adventure we have decided to be worth blogging about on a regular basis.  Saying a blog is a great idea, and actually blogging, are two very different things.  Today marks the beginning of this new effort, by keeping those who are interested in our life informed about what we deem to be interesting.  We’d ultimately like to achieve relaying that living can be the great adventure, no matter where we are.  To call being overseas an adventure is by itself a flawed concept.  We all share the same small planet, so what we choose to make of our life here is the real adventure, and we hope you enjoy reading about it!

Posts will be categorized into four areas:  Drew’s Reviews, Recipes, La Musica, and Adventures.

Already a “top contributor” on TripAdvisor, Drew plans to post reviews (restaurant and hotel) on both tripadvisor, and this blog.  He’ll populate the blog with existing reviews in these early days, to rapidly generate new content for readers.

Within the section “La Musica”, Alicia will post news of her latest musical endeavors.  This will include videos of her performances, and other posts related to her vocal exploits in Verona, the operatic capital of Northern Italy.

In the “Adventures” category, Drew and Alicia will write joint updates on our travels and experiences together all over the world.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading, and hope you’ll contact us with any suggestions for improvement.  It is our goal to post at least once a week, understanding that daily would be a difficult commitment.  We’ve tossed around the idea of a YouTube travel channel, but will reserve that for future release.  In the mean time, please enjoy the content as we share our lives with you.

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