La Cucina della Marianna

New Years Eve, Lago di Como - 31 Jan 2013
New Years Eve, Lago di Como – 31 Dec 2013

I first discovered this location upon the recommendation of a friend, in 2008. Since having returned four times, it has become somewhat of a tradition. There is simply no other place to experience gourmet & fine dining in all of Italy, or if there is, I have yet to find it.

The most recent experience lived up to and even exceeded my expectations, of which normally I try not to have. This particular visit was for the epic meal of la notte di San Silvestro (New Year’s Eve), which for 80€, seemed a low price to pay for the quality of the entire evening’s experience.

Greeted at 8:30pm, after coming downstairs (we are staying at the same albergo) we are immediately offered prosecco and aperitivo. No ordinary snacks, but miniature quiches and home-made crisps bursting with flavor.

Dinner begins at 9:00, water and amazing selection of wine presented according to the set menu. Different tastes at the table were accommodated without issue, and everyone’s unique palate satisfied.

For a total of seven courses, all locally sourced, and painstakingly planned from the best menus of the previous year, prepared by the expert resident chef and owner Tiziano, there was no disappointment. Each and every plate over the course of 4 hours, with a break to ring in the new year with fireworks over the lake and champagne, tastes and emotions not available to be experienced elsewhere.

Attention to detail, quality over quantity, uniqueness of every item a total surprise to sight, taste, touch, and smell. Nothing lacking, left only with the desire for the experience not to end.

However in the end, totally satisfied, completely full, warm goodbyes, and best wishes for the new year, we hope and eagerly anticipate to return and experience again Cucina della Marianna.

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