Day 91: Date Night at Conchiglia D’Oro

As a couple who is young in our marriage (2 years in Jan/July 2015) without children, we’ve enjoyed the “every night is date night” mentality to the extreme here in the Veneto. Bike rides, sunset walks, creative cooking at home, cooking classes, playing oboe and guitar together and watching The Daily Show while we eat dinner are some of the activities we enjoy on a weekly basis (except for the cooking classes, which are expensive). So when we do get an “actual” date night out, we like to eat Italian, preferably mom and pop places, and preferably as close to local as possible.  Tonight was a special treat because we haven’t had a date night in a while and Drew will be traveling to Gabon next week, so we chose Conchiglia D’Oro (Shells of Gold).  As the name may indicate, this is a tasty seafood restaurant which is quite large and manages to turn tables pretty quickly each night. In that sense, it’s not as Italian in ambiance, since usually people tend to stay most of the evening when they go out here in Italy.

The only complaint we had this evening was the prosecco sfusso, or fizzy white wine on tap. It was not fizzy, which is the whole point of ordering prosecco. When we sent it back and asked for actual prosecco, they brought the same flat white wine back that we had originally tasted. Drew was eyeing one table that got fizzy white as we could actually see the bubbles in their wine from across the way, but we got over it when our amazing meals showed up. Our collective eight years of vino bianco frizzante experience tells us there was certainly something wrong with the sfuso coming out of one of the taps tonight.

I’ll let the pictures of our feast speak for themselves and leave you with a Drew quote about our experience.

Buonissimo. I can die happy.

I always get a salad and Drew never makes fun of me for it. That’s love!
We ended up at Table 155, which is our address here in Pianezze.
Here is my pasta with astice (lobster). The picture doesn’t do it justice!
Demolished astice=successful date night

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