Day 81: Amaro Montenegro

sapore vero - true flavor - Amaro Montenegro
sapore vero – true flavor – Amaro Montenegro

Sapore Vero – True Flavor, the best description of my favorite after dinner drink, the renowned Amaro Montenegro. A digestive liqueur of particular taste, Montenegro owes its international fame in part to great marketing, otherwise it probably would have remained a beloved local tipple. Like all liqueurs of the amaro family, Amaro Montenegro is an herbal infusion. Montenegro is produced by infusing (some sources say up to 40) secret herbs in alcohol, mixing with sugar, then aged before bottling.

The legendary origin of Amaro Montenegro dates back to 1885, in Bologna, where a noble gentlemen by the name of Stanislaus Cobianchi, destined to become a member of the clergy, had other ideas and escaped Italy to the tiny Principality of Montenegro. There he apparently, like most travelers, had some digestive issues.  Fortunately, he discovered an amazing local digestive herbally infused alcoholic beverage which helped him tremendously. Back in Italy, he found employment at a distillery in the region of Piemonte, where he painstakingly recreated the beloved digestive he’d been cured by while staying in Montenegro. Returning to his hometown of Bologna, Stanislaus opened a small shop, and later his own distillery, where he produced and marketed his Amaro Montenegro.

The bottle today retains its traditional shape, color, design, and label, adorned with the awards highlighting international acclaim the liqueur has received over the past 100 years. The carefully crafted marketing plug affixed to the bottle reads as follows:

“A marvellous combination of carefully selected ingredients and a perfect manufacturing process make Amaro Montenegro that classical drink which D’Annunzio called “Liqueur of virtues”. Its exquisite, delicate aroma and unmistakable flavour make Amaro Montenegro a welcome friend on any occasion. Its international success and world renown are the evidence of its high quality. Serve in cocktails, with soda and lemon rind, hot or just by itself.”

Today Amaro Montenegro is enjoyed as a digestive after a heavy meal, a nightcap, or a cure-all. Personally, I prefer to enjoy my Amaro Montenegro “con ghiaccio” (on the rocks). Just a few ounces to cure what ails you. The infusion of herbs really does work wonders for your digestion, and is guaranteed to help push along a hearty italian meal, or lubricate your insides to ensure a comfortable nights sleep totally free from intestinal distress.

As always, drink responsibly, but when you do, make sure you choose Amaro Montenegro.

One thought on “Day 81: Amaro Montenegro

  1. Spot on, Amaro Montenegro is wonderful but I always liked a nice shot of grappa after a good meal, preferably grappa di chardonnay.

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