Day 78: Petit Vour March Box Review

Petit Vour’s March box, making me a happy girl!

If you read this post then you know that I have been gifted by my generous parents with a 6-month subscription to Petit Vour, and receive a box from them once a month.  The boxes contain 4 sample sizes of vegan beauty products, and many products are made with organic ingredients. For those of our readers who actually live in the USA and Canada, you can take full advantage of this amazing business, and for the rest of us, they told me recently in an email that they were hoping to open up to international customers in April.

Here’s my take on the March box:

First of all, WOW.  Petit Vour really upped the ante with this box!  All of the products in this month’s box were a delight to use and I would consider buying all of them in the future.

  • Cacao & Banana Face Glow, The Little Alchemist, Made in Australia.  It was exciting to receive a face mask because I feel like that’s a signal to us women to slow down and take 10-15 minutes for ourselves.  I decided to go all out and give myself a spa-hour, complete with a bubble bath.  This face mask is interesting because it comes in a dry powder form, so the instructions call for you to mix 1 Tbsp of the mix with water.  I used 1 tsp because I didn’t know if my sensitive skin would have a reaction to a large amount.  When you open the container, the initial smell is not amazing and smells vinegar-esque, but once mixed with water and applied to your face, you can certainly smell the luxurious cacao.  Unfortunately during my first attempt at using this product, I added too much water, so it became soupy and I didn’t benefit from it.  After that experience, I decided to add 1 tsp of water at a time, mixing as I added, to make it more like a true mask.  After 10 minutes, the mask had dried on my face, and my skin felt soft, fresh, and rejuvenated.  Hubby even said I was glowing!
  • Stem Cellular CC Cream, Juice Beauty, Made in the USA.  It’s almost as if the folks at Petit Vour read my mind.  I’ve been fluctuating between Khiel’s and Yves Rocher BB Creams, wanting something that is as natural/organic as possible, but still contains sunscreen.  I use BB cream on days when I’m makeup free (half of the week) to protect my skin from the sun and even out my skin tone.  Besides those two companies, I have not found what I’m looking for.  Thank you PV for making me aware of a CC cream that meets all of my requirements!  This CC cream goes on lightly and does not smell like sunscreen, something that I dislike about Khiel’s BB cream.  I found it was easier to even out if I put primer on first, and I finished by putting a light layer of powder on top.  I think I’ve found a new CC cream!
  • EROS Wellness Perfume, Vert Mont Perfumery, Made in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  I haven’t been a huge perfume person, using it sometimes, but not often.  I’ve found that when buying perfume after only a department-store-whiff, I don’t get the full understanding of how my body will react to if and often the perfume ends up tipping off my allergies, my eyes start watering and nose starts running (and then I’ve bought the scent so what do I do with it?!).  This is not the case with the EROS scent.  I’ve worn it 2 days in a row now, and had no extra allergic reaction.  I would describe the scent as exotic and woodsy.  It would be interesting to try some of Vert Mont Perfumery’s other scents.
  • Lavender and Spearmint Lip Butter, Metropolis Soap Co., Made in Brooklyn, NY.  This is a natural lip balm that does it right!  The lavender is calming and the spearmint refreshing, making this a great pick-me-up during an afternoon freshening up.  You’ll remember that in the last box, I sampled a lip balm that was messy and melted and was difficult to use without making a mess.  Thankfully, Metropolis Soap Co. knows what they’re doing, and this lip balm has been tucked in my purse for a whole day without melting or causing any stains.

Thank you, Petit Vour, for such an amazing service, and thank you Pashby Parents for gifting the March box to me.

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