Day 49: Ponce’s New Favorite

Despite the look on his face, Ponce is very happy to hang out with me these days.

For those who missed it, Drew has a cat, Ponce. You can read all about his shenanigans here. Since we left Italy for almost 2 whole weeks, of course we needed to leave Ponce with someone. We are very fortunate to have Renata, a woman who loves animals of all kind, in a neighboring town. She will usually watch cats and dogs. We may have lovingly dubbed her as the Crazy Cat Lady in private conversation… When we drop Ponce off there, we are greeted with many meows and barks of other tenants spending their kitty or doggie vacations with her. Although Ponce “doesn’t really like it” there, we’ve been told that he made friends with another cat (the same cat who knows how to open the door) and that he slept with Renata every night. This makes Ponce out to be a lot less bad-ass then he wants us to believe he is.

Renata must be a miracle-worker, because guess now Ponce really seems to love me (Alicia), where before I think that he apathetically tolerated me. We have come a long way in our friendship and I am now one step closer to calling Ponce “our” cat, instead of “Drew’s cat.” (Not there yet, so everyone calm down. Just closer to thinking of him as my cat too.) Despite the allergies and my dislike of Ponce terrorizing our guests (he has bit several Casa di Maul visitors, including my mom), kitty snuggles are my new favorite thing! And that, my friends, is what they call progress! With 49 days left before our big move, I couldn’t ask for more!

3 thoughts on “Day 49: Ponce’s New Favorite

  1. Beware !! Cats are not called Contrary without reason !!!!. Try a dog next !! Much safer !! From your cautious Grandma Grace !!

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