Day 45: Cinque di Maggio

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On 5 May, 1862, General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín led the Mexican Army to victory against French forces at the Battle of Puebla. On 5 May, 2015, PashbyMaul Adventures celebrated a going away dinner with good friends at Ristorante Messicano Il Covo Del Ribelle in Vicenza, Italy.

An unlikely cuisine to find in Italy 153 years after the Battle of Puebla, Mexican food isn’t exactly what one would call a popular choice. In fact, most examples of Mexican Restaurants here fall well below par, but well within expectations. Il Covo Del Ribelle is the notable exception, not only far exceeding expectations, but coming as close to authentic Mexican food as anything within 500 miles.

Chips and salsa, margaritas, amazing fajitas on an extensive menu, a wide selection of Mexican beers and sangria by the pitcher… just to name a few things that make Il Covo Del Ribelle a worthy contender to the familiarly themed Mexican restaurant genre. If this kind of dining establishment is your scene, you will feel very comfortable. In a country not known for doing ethnic food well, this place is not only up to the challenge, at the risk of sounding sacrilegious, wins the prize for the best Mexican food in Italy.

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