Day 44: Cicli Maddalena

Custom frame fitting in progress!
Custom frame fitting in progress!

It’s time for Alicia to get her own bike. For our two years in Italy, She’s been making do with my 10 year old Gary Fisher Wahoo mountain bike, which hasn’t been maintained as well as it should have, is beginning to show it’s age, weighs about 25 pounds, and is not a ladies frame. Alicia has wanted something she can leisurely ride around the neighborhood in, explore a gravel trail, as well as being a practical commuter and errand runner. Oh, and it must be pink, and made in Italy. Sort of the ultimate souvenir.

Fortunate for us, the Veneto region of Italy is pretty much the biking Mecca. Vicenza is headquarters to Campagnolo, maker of high end bicycle components. It’s the most popular recreational pastime, and cyclists come from all over the world just to experience and train in this region. As such, we are awash in local bike shops. Every town has at least one, and ours is Cicli Maddalena, just down the road in Tormeno. Less than 4km from our driveway.

So we both agreed this year, instead of separate anniversary and birthday gifts, or shiny objects, we’re gifting each other practical useful items that will help us in our transition to our upcoming lifestyle change in Uzbekistan this summer. For Alicia, that means a brand new custom designed bicycle! We won’t have a car in Tashkent, and are committed to living a lifestyle dependent on walking, biking, and public transportation. As such, Alicia’s new bike is our first step in that direction.

Davide works with his newest customer fitting the perfect bike saddle.
Davide works with his newest customer fitting the perfect bike saddle.

Davide of Cicli Maddalena this evening spent over an hour working with Alicia one to one on a custom fitting and design consultation. Every conceivable factor of fit and measurement was taken into consideration using a wide variety of contraptions designed for the sole purpose of fitting a person to a bicycle. My relationship with this bike shop goes back to last summer when I first started getting serious about the whole road biking phenomenon, and I continue to be impressed by the superb expertise and attention to detail that goes into the process. This biking business is not something to be taken lightly.

Expected turnaround from custom fitting to delivery is only going to be about 15 days. With a little luck, Alicia’s shiny new bicycle should be ready to ride just in time for the Giro d’Italia to roll through our area on 21 and 22 May. Rest assured, PashbyMaul adventures will be reporting on both the Giro, and the birth of Alicia’s brand new bicycle!

3 thoughts on “Day 44: Cicli Maddalena

  1. I know this is an older post but I was looking up Cicli Maddalena and happened across it. I bought a bicycle there, although an “off the rack” with custom fit by Davide for a somewhat similar souvenir purpose. My wife and I were making our second trip to visit her brother in Arcugnano and instead of renting I decided to buy a new road bike there and then ship it home for the memories. What great memories I have of the “rollers” in the area and although Indianapolis’ topography couldn’t be more different my Italian Girlfriend (wife’s pet name for the bike) still fits like a dream thanks to Davide’s careful work as well as exceptional marking before packaging for shipping back to the States. Thanks for the great memories!

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