Day 38: Pizzeria Due Torri Arcugnano

early late spring Tuesday evening at Pizzeria due Torri
early late spring Tuesday evening at Pizzeria due Torri

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been here. Pizzeria Due Torri is just so amazing! If you are looking for a true authentic local pizzeria, look no further.

Only 2km from our house, right off the main piazza of Arcugnano, outdoor seating in summer, friendly service, and a welcoming proprietor who greets us every time and remembers us. We feel like family! If we take them anywhere, all our guests have come here, and they give nothing but rave reviews.

The neighborhood pizzeria is somewhat of a phenomenon in Italy. Every town has at least one, and everyone has their own opinion about the “best” pizza in the area. In Torri di Arcugnano, if you want a sit down pizza meal, Due Torri is pretty much your only option. There’s another takeout pizza place offering delivery, but the true pizzeria experience award goes to Due Torri.

pizza with porcini mushrooms and cooked ham (prosciutto cotto)
pizza with porcini mushrooms and cooked ham (prosciutto cotto)

Alicia always gets the same thing, a garden on a plate, without cheese, mixed up which various seasonal veggies. Tonight it was artichoke, radicchio lettuce, olives, and arugula, made with a very healthy grain flour, kamut. I opt for my usual prosciutto porcini, something I will miss almost as much as the country of Italy itself. Pizza of course knows no greater condiment than olio piccante (spicy oil), which we use liberal portions of to further enhance the experience. Although they have beer on tap, the traditional beverage to enjoy with a pizza, we prefer to split a half liter of local sfuso cabernet.

Pizzeria Due Torri is also our go to last minute date night location. Easy, cheap, and let’s be honest, we’re easy to please. Of course with amazing local pizza, basically the perfect food, we can hardly be wanting for anything else.

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