Day 31: The End of Jazz

Ponce meets Jazz
Even Ponce will be out-of-sorts without Jazz to hide under on a hot day!

Tomorrow marks an emotional day in the slow process of “letting go” as I sell my 2005 Honda Jazz to a friend.  For those keeping track of American versions of things, a Jazz is the same as a Honda Fit.  Jazz has been so good to me; she’s a zippy little car that has an amazing turning radius and fits charmingly into all of those tight European nooks and crannies.  I wouldn’t say that she’s a car with lots of bells and whistles, but then, I never needed them anyway.

Jazz has a history as I bought her from a friend, Cinzia, before she and her husband moved to–get this–Bahrain (from Italy)!  Yes, I suppose that Bahrain has a way of keeping up with you if you’ve ever been there.  Cinzia kept Jazz in impeccable shape and always took it to a mechanic at the first sign of trouble.  I am keeping the history going as I will be selling jazz to a dear friend from the YogaFit training community.  Jazz’s new owners have three children and we are excited to see that Jazz will be well-utilized and help a family with their busy schedules for the next few years.

First day of Alicia going to work at Central Texas College
First day of Alicia going to work at Central Texas College

Part of what makes me so excited about letting Jazz go is the contribution it will make towards a “less is more” lifestyle, one that Drew and I are really excited to continue as we (gladly) become carless in Uzbekistan come August.  With the amount of international travel we do, we contribute to a lot of emissions each year on airplanes and we are looking forward to combating that by not operating vehicles in our daily life as we bike, walk, and take public transportation.  By not driving in a car each day, we hope to gain more life-giving moments in interactions with locals and more mindful living.

Although I am happy to release Jazz from my ownership tomorrow as it is a necessary step in preparing for the next chapter of our life, I still reserve the right to miss her!

2 thoughts on “Day 31: The End of Jazz

  1. I had a Fit for four years in Japan and for the past two years in the U.S. They are great cars for the rare day that I can’t ride my bike to work. Enjoy letting go.

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