Day 28: Creating a Perfect Korean-Italian Feast

Yesterday we were faced with the rain AND several road closures in Vicenza with the Giro d’Italia as we welcomed two beautiful friends to The Veneto. Obviously we ascertained that the best activity for the afternoon was wine tasting at Ca’Rugate. What was there to do after sampling 10 fine wines?  The answer was to allow Jin Min to put us all to work as sous-chefs in order to create typical Korean cuisine. It was Jin Min’s way of saying “thank you” to cook and serve a Korean feast, and as you probably already guessed, Drew was super excited to eat Korean food.  Actually, we ALL were excited to eat Korean food!

Upon arriving back in Vicenza, we stopped at one of the best-organized grocery stores, InterSpar, to get our materials for creating a Korean feast.  Under Jin Min’s direction, we did what the Italians do and found the freshest produce that looked like it would be the most interesting, without sticking to a specific recipe.  We ended up with green onions, onion, garlic, peppers, zucchini, pork ribs, chicken legs, totani (calamari-like family), and brown rice.  When we reached Casa di Maul, we were all in a flurry of activity following Jin Min’s directions.  I was in charge of the rice, Angela was in charge of chopping the veggies, Drew and I were in charge of getting all of the pans and pantry items out, and Jin Min was ultimately in charge.  Luckily, she brought many Korean grocery items with her to help with the feast: hot red pepper paste, sesame oil, soy sauce, masaman curry paste, pre-made pork barbecue sauce, and maybe some other things that I forgot.

What we ended up with was:(modified) Pajeon (Korean pancakes) with scallions, peppers, totani, zucchini, mushrooms and onion; Korean barbecue pork ribs; Totani prepared with a mild dduk-bok-yi sauce; chicken and vegetables in masaman curry style.  What an amazing way to spend our first night together: sharing a meal and learning how to make some new things amongst old and new friends.

Jin Min supervises prep work.
Angela and I continue the prep work.
Pepper and scallion Korean pancakes.
Tatani being sautéed in their sauce. Spicy and delicious!
Totani ready to serve.
Finishing touches on the barbecue pork!

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