Communicate with us!

PashbyMaul Adventures from the top of Mount Vesuvius!
PashbyMaul Adventures from the top of Mount Vesuvius!

Brief update as we return from our epic Italy road-trip. We’ve created a way for you to communicate directly with the authors of Intentionally International so you can tell us what you want to read about.

Do you have specific questions about traveling different parts of Italy, or the rest of the world? Do you find yourself wondering how to find an authentic eating establishment on your travels? Is there something you want to ask us about an existing blog topic? Drop us a note, and we’ll respond directly to your questions, or feature your questions in a future post! Is there something specific you want to read about? Let us know, and we’ll write about it!

The new address for communicating with us directly is

We are looking forward to hearing from you as we play catch up over the next few days and continue our Italy countdown.

One thought on “Communicate with us!

  1. We have so much enjoyed hearing about your travels ! We now look forward to hearing about Uzbekistan ! Thankyou both !

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