the Machiavellian Tuscan guest cat begins to take over…

For those of you who were wanting an update on the continued adventures of Ponce, the tyrannical Tuscan farm cat, here is the latest! Stay tuned for the next update from PashbyMaul Adventures as we continue our Italian-Uzbek transition sabbatical.

Derek Maul: Words, Photographs, and Food for the Journey

IMG_1154 Ponce the Tuscan farm cat

One complication when traveling from Italy, to Uzbekistan – via North America – with a cat on board is providing a stable environment for the uprooted animal. Especially of that animal is a Machiavellian Tuscan farm cat with a marked penchant for mayhem.

Consequently, “Ponce the tyrannical Tuscan farm cat” (his official name) is bunking here at Maul-Hall while his “staff,” Andrew and Alicia, are off for an eight-day excursion.

“Hey dad,” Andrew texted yesterday afternoon, “will there be a Ponce blog?”

I hadn’t thought about it. Probably wouldn’t have found a space for it. Then he bit me.

guarding his side of the banisters guarding his side of the banisters

DO I LOOK LIKE AN ITALIAN MOUSE? It was predictable. I’m sure that my forearm, folded around the back end of the Sports Section in today’s News & Observer, reminded the cat exactly of a small mouse running across the floor of a…

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