One Month In – just getting our feet wet

Peoples' Friendship Palace, Tashkent
The imposing facade of the Peoples’ Friendship Palace in central Tashkent

When one normally talks about a life change, it’s to do with changing jobs, getting married, moving for a promotion, retirement, etc. We don’t know anyone who’s moved to Uzbekistan before, and this is a major life change for us… in more ways than one.

Background – Alicia and I lived in Italy together for two years after getting married. Before that, I was with the same employer, and altogether had been in Italy six years, and in Bahrain for one. Alicia was in Bahrain for two years before relocating to Ukraine where she lived for another four years up until we got married in 2013, and colocated in Italy.

And now, here we are in Uzbekistan – I left my job of eight years, and decided it was time to start work on my Master’s Degree. That’s going to be my focus. Alicia is now back at work teaching music to the children of the international expat community here in Tashkent, at Tashkent International School.

enjoying a Russian beer at an idylic Tashkent café
enjoying a Russian beer at an idylic Tashkent café

So what does this mean for the PashbyMaul Adventures travel blog? Well we think it’s really exciting! Exploring the googlesphere prior to our relocation we found little to no original firsthand content written about our new home. The English speaking world simply doesn’t know anything about this corner of the planet. Sure you can get your hands on a pretty good guidebook, but I’d argue that nine out of ten people have never even heard of Uzbekistan.

PashbyMaul Adventures current location means great opportunity in the travel writing world! Here’s a taste of what Uzbek adventures we hope to bring you in the months ahead:

  • Walking tour of the major sights of Tashkent, Capital of Uzbekistan
  • Shopping in Tashkent’s Bazaars
  • Tashkent Railway Museum
  • Highlights of Samarkand – The Registan, Gur-e-Amir, Shah-i-Zinda, Ulugh Beg Observatory, and the Bibi Khanym Mosque
  • Uzbek wine – what’s all the fuss about?
  • Tashkent Russian Orthodox Center
  • High Speed Rail travel in Uzbekistan on Afrosiyob
  • Uzbekistan Airways Experience
The Russian Orthodox Center of Tashkent
The Russian Orthodox Center of Tashkent

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Congratulations! You are now subscribed! Every time we post a new adventure, you will be notified with an email. We’re also on facebook, so please check out our page at and experience this corner of the world as we do. At this point, we’re just getting our feet wet.

7 thoughts on “One Month In – just getting our feet wet

  1. I love reading about your adventures, and my sister is living in Bahrain now!
    God bless and good luck!! -abbi (Pensacola)

  2. Thanks ! We love to read of your Adventures ! You write in a very interesting Style ! We are too old to travel much ourselves ! But we are travelling with you !! as we read you blogs!

  3. 😂😂😂 about nine out of ten people I told you were in Uzbekistan had no clue either! …and when you told me I had to google it! But I am proud to say that NOW I can successfully spell Uzbekistan WITHOUT the help of auto correct! I am proud of you and am really looking forward to hearing more about y’all’s experience. Love you!

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