Intentionally International: Welcome to Our New Site

Walking near Tupton, Chesterfield in the UK over our Christmas 2018 holiday.

Hello friends. It’s been a while since we updated you on our life and area of the world. In fact, Drew’s “100 Last Days in Uzbekistan”, where he chronicled at least 100 things about our former home, ended months ago. Looking back, Alicia’s last published post was from 2017, when she celebrated 10 years of international living!

To those whom we don’t know personally, we have now moved away from Uzbekistan and are settled in Dresden, Germany. We arrived here in July 2018, and so we are celebrating about 6 months in our new home.

We’ve thought a lot about the direction that we want this blog to go, bouncing ideas off of one another, and we keep coming back to the fact that we are committed to living as expats, with no foreseeable plans to “move home”, as many friends and family members keep asking. We believe that living internationally has changed and continues to change our lives, open doors, and allows us to experience the world. Although not always easy, we feel that an international life is the life for us. As the world becomes more and more globalized, we want to share our journey and travel ideas with you. Here we hope to give you a picture into places that you can also travel to, as well as places that you may not otherwise have ever thought of. We hope to give you advice about packing and travel preparations. Most of all, we hope to inspire you to see not only your country as your residence, but the entire world. We are intentionally international.

One thought on “Intentionally International: Welcome to Our New Site

  1. Greetings Andrew and Alicia. I am an
    Old friend to Andrew if you remember. I keep following your dads’ blogs everyday and now hope to follow yours.
    Have always found it interesting to hear of your experiences and adventures you take
    Thank you for sharing.
    @ Hotmail. Com

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