Intentionally International is Expanding

Here we are in Pordenone with our little human.

Coming soon to Intentionally International: travel planning and international life as a family of 3, instead of 2! That’s right, we’re expecting our first child sometime around the beginning of August. We have had lots of people tell us lots of things, and give us lots of advice, as people love to do. This journey has been very refreshing based in Dresden, Germany because so many people here have children, and we feel really supported within the community.

“Will you really keep traveling with a kid in tow?”

With that said, we have certainly also had travel friends challenge us to try and maintain our travel with a little baby/toddler/kid now thrown into the equation. Don’t get us wrong, we know that life is going to change drastically. Even knowing that life will change a lot probably doesn’t even prepare us for how much life is actually going to change when there is a new tiny human completely dependent on us. But, we’re still committed to living life overseas, and to sharing with you how we manage to travel internationally with our newest little human.

Here’s Alicia and baby. These were our pregnancy reveal pictures, back when the bump was just a cute little grapefruit!

Of course, we will still tell you about travels in Europe, packing, and other general expat tidbits. After living here in Germany for the last year, we’ve barely tapped into our experiences to share with you. I’d like to think that we’re saving up the best ones to slowly leak out when the time is right. So, now that summer is upon us, you may find several topics now expanded upon: our last year in Western Europe, and our growing and expanding idea of what being a Global Citizen means as parents, role models, and even for children as baby begins to grow as a third culture kid. We hope you’ll stick around and join us on our journey!

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