Baby’s Internet Presence

UPDATE: Baby is here!

It’s about that time for us. A week to go (maybe) until Baby might show up. Or maybe a few weeks, or maybe even tomorrow; he will make his appearance when he wants to! It is probably not difficult for any of our readers to imagine that we have been inundated with information and advice throughout these past 6-7 months: midwives, doctors, friends, friends of friends, friends of our family, books, blogs, podcasts. It’s enough to make our heads spin with all of the information, and really, it’s too much to keep up with!

Here are Baby and me outside Schloss Pillnitz, getting ready for our Mommy-Baby Crossing!

Like all soon-to-be parents, we have a few “non-negotiables” that we have talked about in terms of parenting. Since we know that “people make plans, and God laughs,” we only have a very few number of things on our non-negotiable list. But at the top of the list is something that is probably counter-culture for recreational bloggers and children of the 80s: a conservative outlook on our new little human’s internet presence. We are excited by the opportunity to share our expat and travel parenting with our readers, friends, and family. But we have decided that we will keep our new little human’s image off of the internet, especially our blog and our social media accounts. Yes, we are aware that this is a radical idea in this day and age, but we have several reasons to keep Baby PashbyMaul out of the internet limelight:

  1. First and foremost, we believe that Baby should have a choice about how he is portrayed on the internet. Considering that he will have no communication strategies except for the use of crying (and hopefully cuddles), he won’t have the opportunity to tell us if he wants his image up, and which images he approves of, for everyone to see. We believe in Baby’s right to privacy and autonomy of his own image.
  2. We have no way of knowing exactly who will see Baby’s picture, and for what purpose they may use his picture. Of course if we share pictures of him on our personal social media accounts, only our virtual friends and followers will have access to those photos. But who’s to stop one of our friends from taking that image and using it for his/her own purposes on other sites? We don’t have any way of monitoring this.
  3. We don’t know where in the world we will be located in our future. We want to be sure that if it is a less secure place than our current home in Germany, our little human is safe.
  4. Living in Germany and the EU, Data Protection is taken seriously. As mentioned in this article, people in Italy, France, and Austria are held accountable for the images of their children which are shared on the internet, even with the threat of fines and jail time if their child’s privacy is not respected.

We hope that you will continue to join us here at Intentionally International to hear about traveling internationally, even with an extra person to include in those travel plans. But, it is likely that you won’t find a lot of pictures of him at your disposal as our international parenting journey begins. Thank you for your understanding and respect of one of our “non-negotiable” parenting ideas.

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