About Us

49900505_2285164308382640_1713676338897879040_nIntentionally International began as PashbyMaul Adventures and has roots going back to 2010 when the combined efforts of co-founders Alicia and Drew intersected on the tiny island of Bahrain, followed by an intercontinental dating odyssey between Tuscany and Ukraine. The partnership took flight with a permanent joint itinerary from 2013 when the travel duo sealed the deal with wedding vows in Michigan.

Alicia has lived overseas since 2007, first as a Music Teacher in Bahrain, and now on the International School circuit in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Germany from 2018. Drew lived in Italy forĀ 7 years as an International Logistics Planner, as well as one year in Bahrain. His travels for business and pleasure span 50+ countries across four continents.

Rarely sedentary and never without upcoming travel plans, the mission of Intentionally International is to equip our readers with the first hand knowledge and experience necessary to have authentic and memorable travels wherever your adventures take you.