Our Expat Birth Story

Well, it’s time to say “Welcome Back” to ourselves here at Intentionally International!  We have been very silent for the better part of a year, but not because we couldn’t think of anything to write about.  No, we have been very busy keeping the newest member of our team happy, healthy, and alive!  9 May … Continue reading Our Expat Birth Story

Intentionally International is Expanding

Here we are in Pordenone with our little human. Coming soon to Intentionally International: travel planning and international life as a family of 3, instead of 2! That's right, we're expecting our first child sometime around the beginning of August. We have had lots of people tell us lots of things, and give us lots … Continue reading Intentionally International is Expanding

Carry-On Travel: Thailand and Malaysia

Traveling with only a carry-on has gotten quite the hype through the years on many  hip travel pages.  I even mentioned how I packed for a weekend trip in a tiny little Deuter Citylight backpack plus handbag while living in Italy.  We have had many experiences where traveling with checked luggage has been a necessity, especially … Continue reading Carry-On Travel: Thailand and Malaysia

Intentionally International: Welcome to Our New Site

Hello friends. It's been a while since we updated you on our life and area of the world. In fact, Drew's "100 Last Days in Uzbekistan", where he chronicled at least 100 things about our former home, ended months ago. Looking back, Alicia's last published post was from 2017, when she celebrated 10 years of … Continue reading Intentionally International: Welcome to Our New Site

(Alicia’s) 10 Years of International Life

May 2017 was a big milestone that passed by without mention, probably because of the busy-ness of international school life: 10 years since I graduated from Hope College!  I went from living in MI for 21 years to spreading my wings and living in 4 different countries 10 years later!  Along the way, I’ve picked … Continue reading (Alicia’s) 10 Years of International Life

How My 2016 New Years Resolution Had a “Trickle-Down Effect”

For the entire 2016 calendar year, I committed myself to the next step in becoming more of a minimalist. In order to accomplish this, I made a New Year's Resolution to not buy any clothes for an entire year. I had many fashionista friends tell me I'm crazy and that it's a terrible idea, but … Continue reading How My 2016 New Years Resolution Had a “Trickle-Down Effect”