2020 Christmas Update

2020 New Year's Day in Seattle, Washington Every Christmas letter coming out these days seems to begin with the words, "What a crazy year!". The PashbyMaul's 2020 has been no exception. As we write this update, our family is hunkered down in yet another hard lockdown. Dresden, after having escaped the worst of the pandemic, … Continue reading 2020 Christmas Update


Our Expat Birth Story

Well, it’s time to say “Welcome Back” to ourselves here at Intentionally International!  We have been very silent for the better part of a year, but not because we couldn’t think of anything to write about.  No, we have been very busy keeping the newest member of our team happy, healthy, and alive!  9 May … Continue reading Our Expat Birth Story

Day 13: Sultan Saodat Ensemble

Termez may be best known for its many Buddhist archeological sites, but the 2,500 year old city also boasts several important architectural landmarks from the Islamic era.  For those travelers already familiar with the Sah-i-Zinda Necropolis in Samarkand, the Sultan Saodat Ensemble may seem underwhelming, however those who make the effort to explore this ancient mausoleum … Continue reading Day 13: Sultan Saodat Ensemble

Day 14: MyTaxi

Add this one to the category of "essentials for survival" as an expat in Tashkent.  MyTaxi is an app that simply must be installed on your smartphone the moment you get your brand new SIM card.  Providing an Uber-like taxi service in the Uzbek capital, MyTaxi rides are never far away, and you'll never have … Continue reading Day 14: MyTaxi

One Month In – just getting our feet wet

When one normally talks about a life change, it's to do with changing jobs, getting married, moving for a promotion, retirement, etc. We don't know anyone who's moved to Uzbekistan before, and this is a major life change for us... in more ways than one. Background - Alicia and I lived in Italy together for … Continue reading One Month In – just getting our feet wet

Osteria Ai Do Gobbi – a rare find

Osteria Ai Do Gobbi is a rare find in a city full of bad tourist food. In Venice you can browse the dining options for hours, second-guessing every place you see. Pushing and shoving through the hoards and masses. Beware the picture menus, multiple languages, and flashing lights. Really good food doesn't need to be … Continue reading Osteria Ai Do Gobbi – a rare find

relais la torre spilimbergo

We had a big family event in a nearby town, and needed a place to stay the night. Recommended to us by a friend who lives in Spilimbergo, Relais La Torre turned out to be the perfect place to stay. Situated at the western clock tower on the main pedestrian street of Spilimbergo, the location … Continue reading relais la torre spilimbergo

Al Paradiso – decent food, terrible ambiance

Cosmopolitan is a nice word that implies a pleasant, worldly, stylish atmosphere. Worldly in the case of Al Paradiso Vicenza means tourists eat here because they don't know any better, or prefer the company of loud expat locals and international businessmen. This particular evening, we were looking for a new experience in central Vicenza. Al … Continue reading Al Paradiso – decent food, terrible ambiance

La Cucina della Marianna

I first discovered this location upon the recommendation of a friend, in 2008. Since having returned four times, it has become somewhat of a tradition. There is simply no other place to experience gourmet & fine dining in all of Italy, or if there is, I have yet to find it. The most recent experience … Continue reading La Cucina della Marianna