2021/2022 New Year’s Update

New life. New Adventures. Greetings and warm wishes to our family and friends around the planet! The PashbyMaul's 2021 was yet another year of international transition. Doing so while the world remains firmly in the grip of a pandemic was no easy task. From one extreme to another, our move from Dresden to Bahrain has … Continue reading 2021/2022 New Year’s Update

2020 Christmas Update

2020 New Year's Day in Seattle, Washington Every Christmas letter coming out these days seems to begin with the words, "What a crazy year!". The PashbyMaul's 2020 has been no exception. As we write this update, our family is hunkered down in yet another hard lockdown. Dresden, after having escaped the worst of the pandemic, … Continue reading 2020 Christmas Update

Intentionally International is Expanding

Here we are in Pordenone with our little human. Coming soon to Intentionally International: travel planning and international life as a family of 3, instead of 2! That's right, we're expecting our first child sometime around the beginning of August. We have had lots of people tell us lots of things, and give us lots … Continue reading Intentionally International is Expanding

Intentionally International: Welcome to Our New Site

Hello friends. It's been a while since we updated you on our life and area of the world. In fact, Drew's "100 Last Days in Uzbekistan", where he chronicled at least 100 things about our former home, ended months ago. Looking back, Alicia's last published post was from 2017, when she celebrated 10 years of … Continue reading Intentionally International: Welcome to Our New Site

Day 1: Uzbekistan

It's late June in Tashkent, 11am, 32° in the shade (90°F), UV index off the charts, 24% humidity.  A really nice day for this time of year.  We walk to Café Breadly from our house through the mahalla where the workers from the regions have been busy on on all the various house construction/remodel projects since … Continue reading Day 1: Uzbekistan

Day 50: Tashkent International School

The halfway point of our countdown seems an appropriate place to revisit our reason for being here in Uzbekistan, Tashkent International School.  Our journey began three years ago when we decided to take a huge leap of faith by pressing a career reset button and embarking on a journey that would offer an indefinite extension … Continue reading Day 50: Tashkent International School

Day 74: Gastronom

Lacking 7-Eleven in Uzbekistan, the next best thing is our friendly neighborhood Гастроном.  When we just need to grab a few things instead of making the pilgrimage to Korzinka, the Gastronom has exactly what we're looking for.  We find ourselves frequently stopping by for a few bags of milk here and there, stocking up our … Continue reading Day 74: Gastronom

Day 77: Uzbek Currency

UPDATE: Since this blog was first posted, Uzbekistan has also introduced a 100,000 сўм banknote. The Uzbek сўм, or soʻm (pronounced sooom, like zoom, but with an "s"), is the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  With colorful banknotes depicting scenes of well known landmarks instead of leaders, this colorful currency is circulated in vast quantities … Continue reading Day 77: Uzbek Currency

Day 84: Korean-Uzbek Cuisine

Korean food is Uzbek food.  Uzbek food is Korean food.  Well... in Uzbekistan it is.  These two cultures are now inseparably intertwined to the point that Korean food has become part of the Uzbek national cuisine.  There must be over a hundred Korean restaurants in the Uzbek capital Tashkent serving all the standard favorites.  Kimchi … Continue reading Day 84: Korean-Uzbek Cuisine

Day 86: Mahalla

Historically, life in Uzbekistan has always revolved around the mahalla.  The rough equivalent of a neighborhood in the traditional western sense, the mahalla is in the east, near east, new east, and middle east, an important aspect of everyday community life. In Uzbekistan, mahalla were historically built around family connections, weddings, funerals, neighborhood and family … Continue reading Day 86: Mahalla