Day 19: Easy Al Fresco Dining

Is it a beautiful summer evening? Do you have a way to make food? If you answered yes to these two questions, there is little excuse to deny yourself an al fresco dining experience! Al fresco dining may conjure up images of an idyllic sidewalk café in Paris, or a beach front bar on your … Continue reading Day 19: Easy Al Fresco Dining

Day 28: Creating a Perfect Korean-Italian Feast

Yesterday we were faced with the rain AND several road closures in Vicenza with the Giro d'Italia as we welcomed two beautiful friends to The Veneto. Obviously we ascertained that the best activity for the afternoon was wine tasting at Ca'Rugate. What was there to do after sampling 10 fine wines?  The answer was to allow … Continue reading Day 28: Creating a Perfect Korean-Italian Feast

Day 33: Expats Missing Some Tex-Mex

It's been known that one of the things Americans living overseas miss the most is Mexican food. We are currently entertaining two lovely ladies who are visiting from Switzerland after studying abroad there since Feburary. I know Kimberly from Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church in Midland, MI, where the last time I saw her she was … Continue reading Day 33: Expats Missing Some Tex-Mex

Day 37: Herb-Stuffed Chicken

Tonight was our dedicated day to put what we learned on Saturday into practice. The herb-stuffed chicken was on our minds, so that's what we attempted. This is not a Rachel Ray 30 minute meal, so you cannot approach it with that attitude. Dinner prep didn't realistically start until 7:40pm. Both Drew and I had our … Continue reading Day 37: Herb-Stuffed Chicken

Day 41: Wild Herbs and Flowers at Trattoria All’Angelo

We've been meaning to write about Ristorante Trattoria All'Angelo for a while as it has been one of our favorite places to frequent, and with good reason. A beautiful trattoria in a serene and picturesque setting in Piovene Rochette, chef Mauro and his wife Bari are welcoming, fun, and provide a service in The Veneto … Continue reading Day 41: Wild Herbs and Flowers at Trattoria All’Angelo

Day 43: No-Recipe Zucchini Boats

You may have noticed that the PashbyMauls are food enthusiasts, especially when it comes to ethnic food. With this in mind, dinner can sometimes be a moment of stress as I would like to make a perfect meal every single day, and some days that's just not realistic. Luckily, today was a "perfect meal" day … Continue reading Day 43: No-Recipe Zucchini Boats

Day 46: Italian Peasant Pasta

Tonight the PashbyMauls recreated a vegetarian pasta dish that was served when we went to visit our friends, the Rinns, a few weeks ago. Of course, it was served with pancetta for the meat lovers in the group at that time. We chose to make this pasta because it doesn't take a lot of ingredients … Continue reading Day 46: Italian Peasant Pasta