Day 51: Radicchio

 To vegetable lovers everywhere: if you have yet to taste radicchio, you must plan a trip to Italy between October and May. When you arrive, go straight to a tiny market or vegetable shop and look for this beautiful leafy type of chicory. Or, if you're less hardcore, find a restaurant serving risotto made with … Continue reading Day 51: Radicchio

Day 79: The Moka Pot

Before there was Krups. Before there was Nespresso.┬áThere was the Moka. No single item in our kitchen is more beloved than the iconic Moka pot. No kitchen should exist without one. Yes there are more refined ways to prepare your brew, but no other icon of industrial design and simplicity has captured the hearts of … Continue reading Day 79: The Moka Pot

Day 82: How to not screw up pasta

Noodles. One of the world's easiest foods to prepare. Goes with anything. Boiled, re-baked, cut into squares, served cold, lasagna, endless variety of sauces and preparation methods. Well chances are, you're doing it wrong. Here are a few time honored tips and traditions to help steer your pasta prep back in the right direction. Salt the … Continue reading Day 82: How to not screw up pasta

Risotto: Time Well Spent

Alicia is so pleased to bring you her SECOND post on this blog.  Drew noticed that our blog got the most views when Alicia writes, so he told her to write something more! Before leaving home for my young-adult life, I made sure my mom, who happens to be Italian-American, taught me how to make … Continue reading Risotto: Time Well Spent