Day 88: Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways gets a bad rap.  The reputation of Uzbekistan's flag carrier, Havo Yollari, is in my opinion undeserved.  Customer service issues are usually the primary complaint, but with a modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus airliners and an outstanding safety record, getting from point A to point B could be worse. Options out of … Continue reading Day 88: Uzbekistan Airways

Day 91: Afrosiyob

What do you call a high speed Spanish made train in Uzbekistan running on a Soviet gauge?  How about naming it after an ancient city near Samarkand which was occupied from 500 BC to 1220 AD.  For a country on the crossroads of history, Afrosiyob seems a logical choice. Commercial service on the line began … Continue reading Day 91: Afrosiyob

Day 10: Reflections on Moving Internationally, Part 2

This is Part 2 in a post dedicated to my reflections and learnings after our most recent international pack-out. If you were able to read Part 1 on this subject, then you know that some important strategies for our moving include hiring a reputable company, giving from our personal excess, and letting go.  There are … Continue reading Day 10: Reflections on Moving Internationally, Part 2

Day 11: Reflections on Moving Internationally, Part 1

This topic is too big to discuss in one day!  Here is Part 1 of a short series dedicated to this topic: If you're someone who has a similar lifestyle to the PashbyMauls, moving internationally is an inevitable part of life.  There is no question IF a move will take place in life; there is acknowledgement … Continue reading Day 11: Reflections on Moving Internationally, Part 1

Day 26: Exploring Pompeii

Pompeii has been on my bucket list for a while because of the amazing aura surrounding it. How often does one get to take in a 7th-6th century BC city with Etruscan, Greek, and Roman elements inside of it? Or glimpse the evidence of Roman life and conquer, completely preserved due to the eruption of … Continue reading Day 26: Exploring Pompeii

Day 55: Neuschwanstein Castle

   Today a dream for the last 8 years has been realized. 8 years ago, I was traveling with a group of people in Bavaria and we came to understand that we didn't have time to see Neushwanstein Castle before moving on to our next destination. As Drew and I were trying to decide our … Continue reading Day 55: Neuschwanstein Castle

Day 64: Road Tripping to Switzerland

 Oh Italia. There is nowhere we have been that was not amazing and beautiful, and we feel as though we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible. Amidst all of the great wine, food, scenery, art, music, architecture and history, it can be easy to neglect Italy's neighbors. This is one weekend we … Continue reading Day 64: Road Tripping to Switzerland

Day 66: Food preferences+Italy=Doable

For the last 5 years it seems as though the nutrition field has exploded worldwide.  All of a sudden, a vast majority of the educated world knows what the word "gluten" means. Both self-made and qualified nutritionists are popping up with websites and blogs all over the place, for better or worse. Cookbooks are no longer necessary (but us foodies still … Continue reading Day 66: Food preferences+Italy=Doable

Day 70: Road Signs are Guidelines

In keeping with yesterday's theme of traffic, I'd like to highlight a major principle of Italian driving: road signs are guidelines. I have seen more road signs here then in any country I've ever lived in. A few months ago, Drew and I went away for the weekend, and when we came home, there were … Continue reading Day 70: Road Signs are Guidelines

Day 71: Incidente! Dealing with a Car Accident in Italy

What to do when minding your own business, on your daily commute, a route you've driven a hundred times before, when all of a sudden, "BAM!". Something hits you from behind and your tranquil morning turns into an adventure. Thus was my predicament this morning. Vicenza Ovest, Viale del Sole, essentially a northbound spur of the … Continue reading Day 71: Incidente! Dealing with a Car Accident in Italy