Day 96: It’s quicker by rail!

The iconic phrase from yesteryear "It's quicker by rail" really does ring true even today as we travel in the midst of yet another trenitalia strike. Despite the workers' "industrial action" and the crowds at the customer service desk, this strike was hardly debilitating, and the only trains with cancelations were the regional services. Intercity … Continue reading Day 96: It’s quicker by rail!

Day 99: Winter Carry-On European Travel

One of my intentions was to share how I packed for a trip to London in late November in a small carry-on (plus purse). Unfortunately, life happens and I still haven't gotten around to it. Y'all are in luck, though, because the PashbyMauls are traveling this weekend and I'd like to illustrate how I packed … Continue reading Day 99: Winter Carry-On European Travel

Sagra Season

Banners adorn the entrances to every tiny town this time of year advertising the local festivals. In our commune alone during the summer season we can expect to see dozens of events dotting the countryside. It's not that the Berici hills, or our area, the valley of Lake Fimon, is especially festival prone. Everyone here … Continue reading Sagra Season

Rome in a Day

We are often asked by people for practical travel advice when visiting Italy, and one of the more frequent questions we get is, "Can we do [insert city here] as a day trip?".  The short answer is - it depends. What is your travel situation?  Are you a young couple on a budget?  Maybe you … Continue reading Rome in a Day

Expectations When In Italia

It's come to my attention that expectations often shape our experiences and reactions.  For instance, Drew has certain airline expectations because he has Gold Status on US Airways.  He's used to boarding the plane first, going through the special security line, lounge access during layovers and so on.  So, when we fly an airline that is … Continue reading Expectations When In Italia

Kenya Airways – The Pride of Africa

If you want a quick opinion and don't wish to read any further, Kenya Airways, while branded as "the pride of Africa", is a solidly average airline experience.  If this is all it takes to be the pride of the continent, they're doing a fairly good job. My journey began with KLM - Royal Dutch … Continue reading Kenya Airways – The Pride of Africa

Qatar Airways Experience

Does the "world's five star airline" live up to the hype? Qatar Airways is expanding rapidly along with many of its Gulf region counterparts.  They just joined the OneWorld alliance in 2013, and have orders placed that will more than double the size of its current fleet of 124 passenger aircraft.  Air carriers all over … Continue reading Qatar Airways Experience