Communicate with us!

Brief update as we return from our epic Italy road-trip. We've created a way for you to communicate directly with the authors of Intentionally International so you can tell us what you want to read about. Do you have specific questions about traveling different parts of Italy, or the rest of the world? Do you … Continue reading Communicate with us!

Day 83: Mindful Rome Travel

In keeping with yesterday's blog, I'd like to illustrate my main points for Rome travel.  Many of you may have read Drew's Rome in A Day blog and so you know his main strategy, which would be to see the outside of the entire city on a walking tour.  Now I'd like to make you … Continue reading Day 83: Mindful Rome Travel

Expectations When In Italia

It's come to my attention that expectations often shape our experiences and reactions.  For instance, Drew has certain airline expectations because he has Gold Status on US Airways.  He's used to boarding the plane first, going through the special security line, lounge access during layovers and so on.  So, when we fly an airline that is … Continue reading Expectations When In Italia