Day 70: Road Signs are Guidelines

In keeping with yesterday's theme of traffic, I'd like to highlight a major principle of Italian driving: road signs are guidelines. I have seen more road signs here then in any country I've ever lived in. A few months ago, Drew and I went away for the weekend, and when we came home, there were … Continue reading Day 70: Road Signs are Guidelines

Day 73: The international stylings of Ponce, the tyrannical Tuscan farm cat

March 26th 2009 - Suspected birth date of today's topic, personality, world traveler, and furry friend - Ponce, the tyrannical Tuscan farm cat. Born near the stereotypically picturesque town of Montopoli, Tuscany, he was one of six in a litter of impossibly adorable kittens. I never met his mother, but he and his sister FiPiLi … Continue reading Day 73: The international stylings of Ponce, the tyrannical Tuscan farm cat

Day 75: Antica Osteria dalla Croce

On the hilltop above Lago di Fimon, Lapio boasts some of the most incredible views of the Fimon valley. Antica Osteria takes advantage of this ideal position with a summertime terrace for outdoor dining with views over the lake, hills, and mountains beyond. In the cooler months, basically anytime deemed less than warm by the … Continue reading Day 75: Antica Osteria dalla Croce

Day 92: Sunset walks in the Veneto

One of our favorite things about the neighbourhood are amazing sunset walks. Now that spring is just a few days away, and the sun is setting later and later, midweek walks around the valley are finally possible again after the long, dark winter. We're fortunate to have the beautiful Colli Berici literally right in our … Continue reading Day 92: Sunset walks in the Veneto

Our Last 100 Days – Day 100

Today officially marks the beginning of the real countdown to our departure from Italy. Over the next 100 days, we'll do our best to bring you a snapshot of our lives as we prepare for our next big adventure. Our schedule is already packed with what promises to be plenty of travel, food, and cultural … Continue reading Our Last 100 Days – Day 100

Lago di Fimon

Tucked away in a scenic valley at the foot of the Berici Hills just ten kilometers to the south of renaissance architect Andrea Palladio’s hometown of Vicenza lies the remnant lake of Lago di Fimon. Circled by a bike trail and footpath, locals flock here year round to enjoy nature only a short drive from … Continue reading Lago di Fimon

Cycling Adventures

Maybe this is a less well-known fact about Italy, but people here are CrAzY about cycling.  Home to the Giro d'Italia, second only to the Tour de France in terms of international biking fame and notoriety, Italy is home to legends in the pro cycling circuit, and in the bike production realm. It was only … Continue reading Cycling Adventures

Sagra Season

Banners adorn the entrances to every tiny town this time of year advertising the local festivals. In our commune alone during the summer season we can expect to see dozens of events dotting the countryside. It's not that the Berici hills, or our area, the valley of Lake Fimon, is especially festival prone. Everyone here … Continue reading Sagra Season