Day 57: Jahongir B&B

Immerse yourself in the Uzbek "mahalla" lifestyle when visiting Samarkand and stay at our favorite guest house in Uzbekistan, the Jahongir B&B.  With an amazing location just steps from Registan Square and local national food options, this idyllic mom and pop option totally lives up the hype generated by positive mention in the guidebooks. The … Continue reading Day 57: Jahongir B&B

Day 6: La Colombara

Restored from an old farmhouse, PashbyMaul Adventures is currently staying at Bed and Breakfast La Colombara, in beautiful Pianezze del Lago, as we await our departure from Italy this weekend. Situated just up the road from our old house, we feel fortunate to be able to stay in our own neighborhood through till the end … Continue reading Day 6: La Colombara

Day 65: Antica Corte – Soave, among the vines

Last year, Alicia and I were in Verona for one of her operatic performances. Due to the late evening, and an epic dinner following, we decided to stay halfway between Verona and Vicenza in the magical area of Soave. Still in the province of Verona, Soave is of course world renowned for its famous white … Continue reading Day 65: Antica Corte – Soave, among the vines