Day 7: Minor Mosque

Situated along the left bank of the ancient Angor canal running through the center of Tashkent, the Minor Mosque is a brand new example of monumental architecture in the post-independence era of Uzbekistan.  The first President of the Republic, Islam Karimov, ordered its construction through an executive order that a mosque should be built within … Continue reading Day 7: Minor Mosque

Day 42: Hotel Rialto Venezia

A rare occurrence on PashbyMaul adventures, but it's worth pointing out that not all is roses and rainbows when you travel. Sometimes a hotel or restaurant just isn't up to par. We've already given our readers lots of tips about how to avoid bad tourist food, but hotels are a completely different animal. Sometimes the … Continue reading Day 42: Hotel Rialto Venezia

Day 59: Dordrecht, Holland’s Oldest City

Yesterday was Drew's first day of working obligations here in The Netherlands, and I had an entire day to myself. What to do with a whole country at my fingertips, all connected via a high-functioning rail system? The answer was to travel from where we're staying in Apeldoorn to Dordrecht (via Rotterdam) to see a … Continue reading Day 59: Dordrecht, Holland’s Oldest City

Day 92: Sunset walks in the Veneto

One of our favorite things about the neighbourhood are amazing sunset walks. Now that spring is just a few days away, and the sun is setting later and later, midweek walks around the valley are finally possible again after the long, dark winter. We're fortunate to have the beautiful Colli Berici literally right in our … Continue reading Day 92: Sunset walks in the Veneto