Day 29: Lada Power!

If Chevrolet has a near monopoly on new car sales in Uzbekistan, Lada takes the top prize for pride in ownership, and raw Soviet aesthetic.  Few cars have maintained the same basic body style as long as the iconic Lada 2100 series, production lasting from 1970 to 2012, an amazing 42 years.  Not the only … Continue reading Day 29: Lada Power!

Day 97: Chevrolet

They say the fastest way to clear a room in Tashkent is to make an announcement, "To the owner of the white Chevrolet, your car is being towed."  In the heart of Central Asia you would hardly expect to find a Chevy on every corner, but thanks to a joint venture between the Uzbek government, … Continue reading Day 97: Chevrolet

Day 70: Road Signs are Guidelines

In keeping with yesterday's theme of traffic, I'd like to highlight a major principle of Italian driving: road signs are guidelines. I have seen more road signs here then in any country I've ever lived in. A few months ago, Drew and I went away for the weekend, and when we came home, there were … Continue reading Day 70: Road Signs are Guidelines

Day 71: Incidente! Dealing with a Car Accident in Italy

What to do when minding your own business, on your daily commute, a route you've driven a hundred times before, when all of a sudden, "BAM!". Something hits you from behind and your tranquil morning turns into an adventure. Thus was my predicament this morning. Vicenza Ovest, Viale del Sole, essentially a northbound spur of the … Continue reading Day 71: Incidente! Dealing with a Car Accident in Italy

Day 90: European driving experience

When I left the United States in 2008, my Subaru Forester came with me. I think it was a week after my car arrived in Italy that I sideswiped my first guardrail. After that, all bets at keeping the first brand new car I had ever owned pristine were off. It's painfully obvious to many … Continue reading Day 90: European driving experience