Day 37: Samarkand-Bukhara Silk Carpet Factory

One of the most interesting things to do on a trip to Uzbekistan is to visit a carpet factory.  Central Asia has a long history of carpet making and selling.  Merchants have showcased their best products in the Tim Abdulla Khan trade dome in Bukhara for centuries, and carpet sellers and workshops still exist in all … Continue reading Day 37: Samarkand-Bukhara Silk Carpet Factory

Day 56: Tim Abdulla Khan

Abdullah-khan II (1533-1598), was the most successful khan of the Shaybanid dynasty.  During his reign, trade and commerce were booming in Bukhara, as the Khan struggled to unify the Uzbeks under a single Khanate.  As the streets became increasingly choked with stalls and merchants, authorities came up with a novel idea.  To clear traffic congestion, … Continue reading Day 56: Tim Abdulla Khan