Day 73: Emir’s Summer Palace

When the mid 19th century Emir of Bukhara Nasrullah Khan decided to have a new palace built for himself, architects hung mutton carcass at points all around the city.  The last mutton carcass to spoil indicated the location with the coolest temperatures.  This is where the Emir chose to build his new summer residence. Two … Continue reading Day 73: Emir’s Summer Palace

Château Élan Winery

In the midst of readjustment to life in the United States, experiencing a sort of reverse culture shock, it was refreshing last week to have been given the opportunity to visit Château Élan Winery in of all places, North Georgia. In a deep south state more famous for southern delicacies like grits and beverages such … Continue reading Château Élan Winery

Day 62: Château de Chillon, Montreux, Lavaux

Château de Chillon On the easternmost shores of Lac Léman sits one of the most famous attractions in all of Switzerland, the iconic medieval castle, Château de Chillon. Since the 10th century, this magnificent lakeside fortress has guarded the strategic route along the Rhone valley, leading south through the Alps and the Great Saint Bernard pass, … Continue reading Day 62: Château de Chillon, Montreux, Lavaux