Day 56: Reconsidering The Netherlands

We're on the road today, heading for a stop in Germany before we reach home in Italy once again. As we exited The Netherlands, I began to reflect about my awesome 4-day adventure and realized that my attitude towards Holland has changed drastically since I first visited in 2005. Then, and even in the last … Continue reading Day 56: Reconsidering The Netherlands

Day 94: Back to Reality

So after an amazing weekend exploring a new corner of Italy, the past two days brought us back to the reality of our "normal" lives, and preparing for our relocation to Uzbekistan. It's always an interesting conversation when we talk to people who want to visit us here in Italy. "We'll go out for so … Continue reading Day 94: Back to Reality

Cycling Adventures

Maybe this is a less well-known fact about Italy, but people here are CrAzY about cycling. ┬áHome to the Giro d'Italia, second only to the Tour de France in terms of international biking fame and notoriety, Italy is home to legends in the pro cycling circuit, and in the bike production realm. It was only … Continue reading Cycling Adventures