Day 33: Expats Missing Some Tex-Mex

It's been known that one of the things Americans living overseas miss the most is Mexican food. We are currently entertaining two lovely ladies who are visiting from Switzerland after studying abroad there since Feburary. I know Kimberly from Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church in Midland, MI, where the last time I saw her she was … Continue reading Day 33: Expats Missing Some Tex-Mex

Day 46: Italian Peasant Pasta

Tonight the PashbyMauls recreated a vegetarian pasta dish that was served when we went to visit our friends, the Rinns, a few weeks ago. Of course, it was served with pancetta for the meat lovers in the group at that time. We chose to make this pasta because it doesn't take a lot of ingredients … Continue reading Day 46: Italian Peasant Pasta

Day 91: Date Night at Conchiglia D’Oro

As a couple who is young in our marriage (2 years in Jan/July 2015) without children, we've enjoyed the "every night is date night" mentality to the extreme here in the Veneto. Bike rides, sunset walks, creative cooking at home, cooking classes, playing oboe and guitar together and watching The Daily Show while we eat … Continue reading Day 91: Date Night at Conchiglia D’Oro