2021/2022 New Year’s Update

New life. New Adventures. Greetings and warm wishes to our family and friends around the planet! The PashbyMaul's 2021 was yet another year of international transition. Doing so while the world remains firmly in the grip of a pandemic was no easy task. From one extreme to another, our move from Dresden to Bahrain has … Continue reading 2021/2022 New Year’s Update

2020 Christmas Update

2020 New Year's Day in Seattle, Washington Every Christmas letter coming out these days seems to begin with the words, "What a crazy year!". The PashbyMaul's 2020 has been no exception. As we write this update, our family is hunkered down in yet another hard lockdown. Dresden, after having escaped the worst of the pandemic, … Continue reading 2020 Christmas Update

Day 50: The halfway point of our countdown

At the halfway point in our countdown, we're ready to present a brief summary of where we've been, and where we're going. Today officially marks 50 days until we board our flight back to the United States, for a six week summer sojourn to the motherland where we'll have our last opportunity to see family … Continue reading Day 50: The halfway point of our countdown