Day 17: Villa Crine

With a history of wine production in the world famous Valpolicella wine region since 1883, a visit to Villa Crine is one of those extra special experiences you'll never forget. The Valpolicella wine region lies between Verona and Lago di Garda, and Villa Crine is located within an idyllic 17th century villa in the town of … Continue reading Day 17: Villa Crine

Day 19: Easy Al Fresco Dining

Is it a beautiful summer evening? Do you have a way to make food? If you answered yes to these two questions, there is little excuse to deny yourself an al fresco dining experience! Al fresco dining may conjure up images of an idyllic sidewalk café in Paris, or a beach front bar on your … Continue reading Day 19: Easy Al Fresco Dining

Day 20: Pisa, Pizza, and Sausage

Pisa Waking up in Livorno, there was no time to explore this city oozing with authenticity. Onward to the world's most famous tourist trap, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where we met with one of our award winning travel buddies from the PashbyMaul guest awards, Mike, for a final time before we all leave Italy. … Continue reading Day 20: Pisa, Pizza, and Sausage

Day 22: Agriturismo Il Mirto

Situated in the Northwestern corner of Sardegna, in the province of Sassari, Agriturismo Il Mirto offers an escape of absolute tranquility among the rustic landscape of rolling rocky hills, farmland, and nearby to the isolated but beautiful beaches of Porto Ferro, Porticciolo, and Mugoni. Epic clifftop hiking opportunities with scenes reminiscent of the 'Cliffs of … Continue reading Day 22: Agriturismo Il Mirto

Day 23: Overnight to Sardegna

Tirrenia Ferry Line Wednesday night found the PashbyMauls and JML on a Tirrenia Lines Ferry after our Vesuvio hike.  We drove north from Vesuvio to Civitavecchia to catch an overnight ferry to Olbia (NE Sardegna), as we had planned the home base of our Sardegna leg of the trip in the northern part of the island. … Continue reading Day 23: Overnight to Sardegna

Communicate with us!

Brief update as we return from our epic Italy road-trip. We've created a way for you to communicate directly with the authors of Intentionally International so you can tell us what you want to read about. Do you have specific questions about traveling different parts of Italy, or the rest of the world? Do you … Continue reading Communicate with us!

Day 25: Capri and Sorrento

Sorrento to Capri Ferry Service At least a dozen daily departures, depending on the season. Crossing time between 20 minutes and half and hour depending on the type of vessel. Tickets are reasonable, 17-20 euro each way, and comfortable lounge style seating inside, or outside deck seating with fresh air and sun. From Sorrento, the … Continue reading Day 25: Capri and Sorrento

Day 27: Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi

Don't trust the GPS I love Garmin. She helps us when we travel to unfamiliar areas all over Europe. We keep her maps up to date with a lifetime subscription, and we made sure the very latest were downloaded just prior to this trip. However, Garmin can not be trusted. Garmin likes goat-trails, because they … Continue reading Day 27: Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi

Day 29: The wines of Ca’Rugate

The Second round of May visitors arrived today, and we wasted no time in getting them acclimated to life in Italy. The best thing to do on a rainy day? Drink wine, of course! So immediately after a quick smorgasbord luncheon at Casa di Maul, we headed west to Azienda Agricola Ca'Rugate. This isn't the … Continue reading Day 29: The wines of Ca’Rugate

Day 34: Fine wines at Le Pignole

Another weekend, another PashbyMaul adventure at Le Pignole. Today we introduced two friends to the horseback riding, wine and pizza tasting adventure. A beautiful warm spring day in the Colli Berici, we couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions for the experience. We previously focused on the horseback riding, which again was the highlight of … Continue reading Day 34: Fine wines at Le Pignole