Day 1: Uzbekistan

It's late June in Tashkent, 11am, 32° in the shade (90°F), UV index off the charts, 24% humidity.  A really nice day for this time of year.  We walk to Café Breadly from our house through the mahalla where the workers from the regions have been busy on on all the various house construction/remodel projects since … Continue reading Day 1: Uzbekistan

Day 28: Tash-Hovli Palace

The Kuhna-Ark, which is located near the western gate of Khiva's Itchan Kala, served as the primary palace of the Khans for the better part of 400 years.  Built primarily as a fortress, the Ark was more purpose built for military use rather than as a lavish residence. Rather than have his residence in a … Continue reading Day 28: Tash-Hovli Palace

Day 36: Islam Khoja Complex

Additional proof that monuments don't need to be ancient in order to preserve historic ambiance, the Islam Khoja complex is just 100 years old, founded in 1908 by Asfandiyar Khan's enlightened Vizier, none other than Islam Khoja.  Timing was bad for everyone unlucky enough to be in a position of power during this period of … Continue reading Day 36: Islam Khoja Complex

Day 53: Kuhna Ark

The Kuhna Ark is a city within a city, located on the western edge of the Itchan Kala, separated from the rest of the Khiva by a high wall.  First constructed as a military defensive fortress in the 12th century, and then expanded in the 17th century as a citadel palace and residence of Arang-Khan.  … Continue reading Day 53: Kuhna Ark

Day 60: Itchan Kala

If you had to pick a quintessential silk-road storybook destination, one that preserves that ancient caravan route ambiance, massive walls rising out the desert, palaces and minarets poking up above the dunes into the sky over the horizon, Khiva's Itchan Kala is what you have been looking for. Khiva fulfills all the Central Asia expectations and … Continue reading Day 60: Itchan Kala

Day 80: Kalta Minor Minaret

Located within the central citadel of the Ichan-Kala in Khiva, the Kalta Minor Minaret is most famous probably because it was never finished.  This colorful stump of a minaret was intended to be the most spectacular in the world, but instead the unfinished structure serves as a symbolic reminder not to start something you can't … Continue reading Day 80: Kalta Minor Minaret

Day 98: Juma Mosque

One of the most special places in all of Uzbekistan has to be the 18th century Juma Mosque, located within the ancient Ichan Kala,  the walled inner old-town of the city of Khiva.  Inside this amazing architectural wonder you will find 212 hand-carved wooden columns supporting the mosque's roof, some dating from the original 10th century … Continue reading Day 98: Juma Mosque

PashbyMaul Adventures – Update

It's been six months since our last post. An epic failure on our part to keep our followers updated on life in Uzbekistan. This time last year, we were nearing the end of our "Last 100 Days in Italy" series, as we prepared to continue the great PashbyMaul adventure in Central Asia. Here's what you've missed: … Continue reading PashbyMaul Adventures – Update