Day 4: Ming O’rik

With such an impressive history dating back to the very dawn of humanity, Uzbekistan's smaller, but nonetheless significant architectural sites are often forgotten in favor of the three big silk road highlights.  The Khiva, Samarkand, and Bukhara travelers see today represent only a fraction of the thousands of years of history worth exploring in this … Continue reading Day 4: Ming O’rik

Day 26: Ayaz Qala

Newly independent from the Achaemenid Empire, the Ayaz Qala fortress was built by ancient Khwarazmian kings in the 3rd or 4th century BC to protect the fertile frontier from raiders on the edge of the vast expanse of the inhospitable Karakum Desert.  It was during this time that the Khwarazmians formed an alliance with Alexander the … Continue reading Day 26: Ayaz Qala

Day 36: Islam Khoja Complex

Additional proof that monuments don't need to be ancient in order to preserve historic ambiance, the Islam Khoja complex is just 100 years old, founded in 1908 by Asfandiyar Khan's enlightened Vizier, none other than Islam Khoja.  Timing was bad for everyone unlucky enough to be in a position of power during this period of … Continue reading Day 36: Islam Khoja Complex

Day 60: Itchan Kala

If you had to pick a quintessential silk-road storybook destination, one that preserves that ancient caravan route ambiance, massive walls rising out the desert, palaces and minarets poking up above the dunes into the sky over the horizon, Khiva's Itchan Kala is what you have been looking for. Khiva fulfills all the Central Asia expectations and … Continue reading Day 60: Itchan Kala

Day 93: Toprak Qala

Occupying the whole northwestern end of Uzbekistan, the semi-autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan is the Uzbek version of the Wild West.  From what little is left of the Aral Sea in the northwest to the Golden Ring of Ancient Khorezm in the southeast, this region is, for the most part, a sparsely populated and arid wasteland. In … Continue reading Day 93: Toprak Qala

PashbyMaul Adventures – Update

It's been six months since our last post. An epic failure on our part to keep our followers updated on life in Uzbekistan. This time last year, we were nearing the end of our "Last 100 Days in Italy" series, as we prepared to continue the great PashbyMaul adventure in Central Asia. Here's what you've missed: … Continue reading PashbyMaul Adventures – Update