Day 95: Charvak

Not even 100km from central Tashkent, the Chirchiq river flows out of the Tian Shan mountains and into a massive man-made reservoir named for Chorvoq, literally Char bagh, or "four gardens" in Persian.  The stone dam responsible for the lake was constructed during the 1960s as a Soviet hydroelectric project, soaring 168m (551 feet) high above the … Continue reading Day 95: Charvak

Day 62: Château de Chillon, Montreux, Lavaux

Château de Chillon On the easternmost shores of Lac Léman sits one of the most famous attractions in all of Switzerland, the iconic medieval castle, Château de Chillon. Since the 10th century, this magnificent lakeside fortress has guarded the strategic route along the Rhone valley, leading south through the Alps and the Great Saint Bernard pass, … Continue reading Day 62: Château de Chillon, Montreux, Lavaux

Lago di Fimon

Tucked away in a scenic valley at the foot of the Berici Hills just ten kilometers to the south of renaissance architect Andrea Palladio’s hometown of Vicenza lies the remnant lake of Lago di Fimon. Circled by a bike trail and footpath, locals flock here year round to enjoy nature only a short drive from … Continue reading Lago di Fimon

Lago di Barcis

As you take in the scenery, and polish off that carafe of great local sfuso wine, take a deep breath. Let the crisp mountain air and cool breeze off the emerald waters of the lake reinvigorate you. Lago di Barcis, completely unknown to the guidebooks, offers a tranquil diversion from everything you thought you knew about Italy. … Continue reading Lago di Barcis