Day 99: Plov

Plov, glorious plov.  Italy has risotto, Spain has paella, Uzbekistan has plov.  It's so much more than just rice.  Plov is a beloved national obsession.  Wedding plov, Navruz plov, Thursday plov, plov for every occasion.  The significance cannot be underestimated, nor can it can be truly appreciated without experiencing it, smelling it, eating it, tasting … Continue reading Day 99: Plov

Day 67: Fare una passeggiata

Literally, "to do a walk" - fare una passeggiata is truly a national phenomenon. Nothing like a gorgeous spring Sunday afternoon to bring people out in droves to the countryside - to go for a walk is the embodiment of relaxation, health, vitality, living life to its fullest, and quality time with friends and family. … Continue reading Day 67: Fare una passeggiata

Day 94: Back to Reality

So after an amazing weekend exploring a new corner of Italy, the past two days brought us back to the reality of our "normal" lives, and preparing for our relocation to Uzbekistan. It's always an interesting conversation when we talk to people who want to visit us here in Italy. "We'll go out for so … Continue reading Day 94: Back to Reality