Day 71: Navoi Theater

The "Alisher Navoi State Academic Bolshoi Theatre" by its official name, is the main opera house of Tashkent and one of the most famous buildings of Soviet era Uzbekistan.  The theater is named after the 15th century Uzbek poet, Alisher Navoi who is well known for his lyrical legacy, many of which have since been … Continue reading Day 71: Navoi Theater

Day 32: Prayer of May

Preghiera del Mese di Maggio Signore della Gioia Signore Gesù, gioia di chi ti incontra e si mette in cammino con te, donaci un cuore capace di ascoltare e vedere, capace di scoprire che la gioia, la tua purissima gioia, splende ogni giorno davanti a noi nell'oscuro grigiore del nostro quotidiano. Fa che sappiamo riconoscerla e … Continue reading Day 32: Prayer of May

Day 76: Why Attending the Opera in Italy Should Be On Your “List”

I know what you're going to say to me.  "Opera's not really my thing."  There are many people who would agree and not call opera their "thing."  But if you do happen to come all the way to Italy, the BIRTHPLACE OF OPERA, you will find the following ample reasons to hopefully persuade you to … Continue reading Day 76: Why Attending the Opera in Italy Should Be On Your “List”

La Fenice: An Under-appreciated Tourist Must-See

Drew and I have been blessed by having many friends and family members visit us, usually wanting for the most part to see us, secondly wanting to see Italy, at least that's what we like to tell ourselves. 😉  We are now on our 9th visitor of 2014, and she has a special story as it's been … Continue reading La Fenice: An Under-appreciated Tourist Must-See