Day 97: Palazzo Reale a Torino, an all-day event!

Ciao a tutti. We are continuing our weekend trip here in Torino, or Turin, as English-speakers call it. Turin is a bit off-the-beaten path to first-time Italy travelers, despite being a very large Italian city, mainly because it is not one of "the big 3"(Venice, Florence, Rome) visited on large-group tours. You may have heard … Continue reading Day 97: Palazzo Reale a Torino, an all-day event!

Day 98: Torino Landmark Tourism

What activity does one normally associate with tourism in Europe? Landmark hopping of course. Here in the regional capital of Piemonte, Torino, we do just that. A well endowed city in the landmark department, Torino certainly does not disappoint. Setting out from our strategically positioned apartment rental steps from Piazza Castello, we took the number … Continue reading Day 98: Torino Landmark Tourism