Day 1: Uzbekistan

It's late June in Tashkent, 11am, 32° in the shade (90°F), UV index off the charts, 24% humidity.  A really nice day for this time of year.  We walk to Café Breadly from our house through the mahalla where the workers from the regions have been busy on on all the various house construction/remodel projects since … Continue reading Day 1: Uzbekistan

Day 99: Plov

Plov, glorious plov.  Italy has risotto, Spain has paella, Uzbekistan has plov.  It's so much more than just rice.  Plov is a beloved national obsession.  Wedding plov, Navruz plov, Thursday plov, plov for every occasion.  The significance cannot be underestimated, nor can it can be truly appreciated without experiencing it, smelling it, eating it, tasting … Continue reading Day 99: Plov