Day 57: Jahongir B&B

Immerse yourself in the Uzbek "mahalla" lifestyle when visiting Samarkand and stay at our favorite guest house in Uzbekistan, the Jahongir B&B.  With an amazing location just steps from Registan Square and local national food options, this idyllic mom and pop option totally lives up the hype generated by positive mention in the guidebooks. The … Continue reading Day 57: Jahongir B&B

Day 65: Samarkand’s Gilded Madrassa

The iconic Registan Square in Samarkand is home to three large madrassas, all of which are included, along with the rest of the historic core of the city, as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001.  According to the criterion as described in the listing, the Registan complex is a masterpiece of Islamic cultural creativity, … Continue reading Day 65: Samarkand’s Gilded Madrassa

Day 75: The Ark of Bukhara

A massive fortress 20 meters deep in historical layers dating back to the 4th Century BC, the Bukhara "Ark" is the epicenter of history in this crossroads of the silk road city in central Uzbekistan.  While not the most picturesque monument in Bukhara, the Ark is certainly the most historically significant.  Behind the relative safety … Continue reading Day 75: The Ark of Bukhara