Day 26: Exploring Pompeii

Pompeii has been on my bucket list for a while because of the amazing aura surrounding it. How often does one get to take in a 7th-6th century BC city with Etruscan, Greek, and Roman elements inside of it? Or glimpse the evidence of Roman life and conquer, completely preserved due to the eruption of … Continue reading Day 26: Exploring Pompeii

Day 47: Sa Tanca Crostaceria

After a morning walking tour of the Prati area of Rome, a walk along the west bank of the Tiber, and a quick stroll through Piazza San Pietro at the Vatican, we began to get very hungry on the long trek back toward the train station. Hiking past the epic monument to Vittorio Emanuele, we … Continue reading Day 47: Sa Tanca Crostaceria

Day 52: Visa day in Rome

  Today marks a very exciting day in preparing for PashbyMaul's future adventures. This morning, we went to the Uzbekistan Embassy in Rome, where we were planning on dropping off our tourist passports to have them processed for our visas. To our surprise and delight, the kind gentleman who helped us printed the visas right … Continue reading Day 52: Visa day in Rome

Day 53: When in Rome, eat where the tourists don’t

The old saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", but when it comes to dining out, this can be notoriously difficult. Central Rome, and her distinctly unique neighborhoods, are packed full of tourists from all over the world. There are over 1200 hotels to choose from in this city, and all the … Continue reading Day 53: When in Rome, eat where the tourists don’t

Day 83: Mindful Rome Travel

In keeping with yesterday's blog, I'd like to illustrate my main points for Rome travel.  Many of you may have read Drew's Rome in A Day blog and so you know his main strategy, which would be to see the outside of the entire city on a walking tour.  Now I'd like to make you … Continue reading Day 83: Mindful Rome Travel

Day 84: A Roman Holiday Walking Tour

As you can probably imagine, finding something about our life in Italy and/or travel to write about every day can be a challenge.  Luckily, Drew and I have many experiences saved up that we have always meant to write about here, but never have.  One of the reasons we took on our "Last 100 Days" … Continue reading Day 84: A Roman Holiday Walking Tour

Rome in a Day

We are often asked by people for practical travel advice when visiting Italy, and one of the more frequent questions we get is, "Can we do [insert city here] as a day trip?".  The short answer is - it depends. What is your travel situation?  Are you a young couple on a budget?  Maybe you … Continue reading Rome in a Day