Day 31: Abdulkasim Madrassa

  The Alisher Navoi National Park is home to several Tashkent landmarks, including the Supreme Assembly Chamber, Wedding Palace, Navoi Monument, Istiqlol Palace, and the 16th century Abdulkasim Madrassa.  The madrassa is the last remaining remnant of the Yangi Mahalla, and was once part of a larger architectural ensemble which included an ancient domed shrine supposed to … Continue reading Day 31: Abdulkasim Madrassa

Day 64: Independence Square

Like Amir Timur Square nearby, Independence Square in central Tashkent has a long and interesting history.  Known today as "Mustaqillik Maydoni", the square, which is actually more of a large city park, used to be nothing more than a dusty frontier just outside the gates of the old city. Following the defeat of the Khanate of … Continue reading Day 64: Independence Square

Day 83: Amir Timur Square

Spread out beneath the shadow of the imposing edifice of the Soviet-era Hotel Uzbekistan, Amir Timur Square is located at the very center of Tashkent.  In the center of the square, in the center of the the capital city, sitting majestically on horseback, is the hero of Uzbekistan, the 14th century Turco-Mongol conqueror, Amir Timur.  … Continue reading Day 83: Amir Timur Square

Day 89: The Crying Mother

Uzbekistan paid a heavy price for its role defending the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War.  From 1941 to 1945, 1.4 million Uzbeks fought in the Red Army against Nazi Germany.  Official figures put the toll at 263,005 dead and 132,670 missing in action on the Eastern Front fighting against the Nazis. When Germany … Continue reading Day 89: The Crying Mother