Day 21: Moby lines to Livorno

Unlike our Tirrenia lines ferry experience, Moby lines was more like a six hour Mediterranean pleasure cruise. We arrived at the port of Olbia, Sardegna, in a bit of a confused rush. Lunch took longer than expected, and when we got to the third and final checkpoint before driving onboard, the staff noticed our ticket … Continue reading Day 21: Moby lines to Livorno

Day 22: Agriturismo Il Mirto

Situated in the Northwestern corner of Sardegna, in the province of Sassari, Agriturismo Il Mirto offers an escape of absolute tranquility among the rustic landscape of rolling rocky hills, farmland, and nearby to the isolated but beautiful beaches of Porto Ferro, Porticciolo, and Mugoni. Epic clifftop hiking opportunities with scenes reminiscent of the 'Cliffs of … Continue reading Day 22: Agriturismo Il Mirto

Day 23: Overnight to Sardegna

Tirrenia Ferry Line Wednesday night found the PashbyMauls and JML on a Tirrenia Lines Ferry after our Vesuvio hike.  We drove north from Vesuvio to Civitavecchia to catch an overnight ferry to Olbia (NE Sardegna), as we had planned the home base of our Sardegna leg of the trip in the northern part of the island. … Continue reading Day 23: Overnight to Sardegna