Day 21: Moby lines to Livorno

Unlike our Tirrenia lines ferry experience, Moby lines was more like a six hour Mediterranean pleasure cruise. We arrived at the port of Olbia, Sardegna, in a bit of a confused rush. Lunch took longer than expected, and when we got to the third and final checkpoint before driving onboard, the staff noticed our ticket … Continue reading Day 21: Moby lines to Livorno

Day 67: Fare una passeggiata

Literally, "to do a walk" - fare una passeggiata is truly a national phenomenon. Nothing like a gorgeous spring Sunday afternoon to bring people out in droves to the countryside - to go for a walk is the embodiment of relaxation, health, vitality, living life to its fullest, and quality time with friends and family. … Continue reading Day 67: Fare una passeggiata

Day 92: Sunset walks in the Veneto

One of our favorite things about the neighbourhood are amazing sunset walks. Now that spring is just a few days away, and the sun is setting later and later, midweek walks around the valley are finally possible again after the long, dark winter. We're fortunate to have the beautiful Colli Berici literally right in our … Continue reading Day 92: Sunset walks in the Veneto