Day 96: It’s quicker by rail!

The iconic phrase from yesteryear "It's quicker by rail" really does ring true even today as we travel in the midst of yet another trenitalia strike. Despite the workers' "industrial action" and the crowds at the customer service desk, this strike was hardly debilitating, and the only trains with cancelations were the regional services. Intercity … Continue reading Day 96: It’s quicker by rail!

Day 97: Palazzo Reale a Torino, an all-day event!

Ciao a tutti. We are continuing our weekend trip here in Torino, or Turin, as English-speakers call it. Turin is a bit off-the-beaten path to first-time Italy travelers, despite being a very large Italian city, mainly because it is not one of "the big 3"(Venice, Florence, Rome) visited on large-group tours. You may have heard … Continue reading Day 97: Palazzo Reale a Torino, an all-day event!

Day 98: Torino Landmark Tourism

What activity does one normally associate with tourism in Europe? Landmark hopping of course. Here in the regional capital of Piemonte, Torino, we do just that. A well endowed city in the landmark department, Torino certainly does not disappoint. Setting out from our strategically positioned apartment rental steps from Piazza Castello, we took the number … Continue reading Day 98: Torino Landmark Tourism