Day 87: Tashkent Railway Museum

One of the best preserved vestiges of Soviet Railway technology in the former Soviet Union, the Tashkent Museum of Railway Technics was opened in 1989 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the railroad in Uzbekistan.  Located just across the street from the Tashkent Central Station, this sprawling outdoor museum features a collection of 13 steam … Continue reading Day 87: Tashkent Railway Museum

Day 91: Afrosiyob

What do you call a high speed Spanish made train in Uzbekistan running on a Soviet gauge?  How about naming it after an ancient city near Samarkand which was occupied from 500 BC to 1220 AD.  For a country on the crossroads of history, Afrosiyob seems a logical choice. Commercial service on the line began … Continue reading Day 91: Afrosiyob

Day 56: Reconsidering The Netherlands

We're on the road today, heading for a stop in Germany before we reach home in Italy once again. As we exited The Netherlands, I began to reflect about my awesome 4-day adventure and realized that my attitude towards Holland has changed drastically since I first visited in 2005. Then, and even in the last … Continue reading Day 56: Reconsidering The Netherlands

Day 59: Dordrecht, Holland’s Oldest City

Yesterday was Drew's first day of working obligations here in The Netherlands, and I had an entire day to myself. What to do with a whole country at my fingertips, all connected via a high-functioning rail system? The answer was to travel from where we're staying in Apeldoorn to Dordrecht (via Rotterdam) to see a … Continue reading Day 59: Dordrecht, Holland’s Oldest City

Day 96: It’s quicker by rail!

The iconic phrase from yesteryear "It's quicker by rail" really does ring true even today as we travel in the midst of yet another trenitalia strike. Despite the workers' "industrial action" and the crowds at the customer service desk, this strike was hardly debilitating, and the only trains with cancelations were the regional services. Intercity … Continue reading Day 96: It’s quicker by rail!

Day 99: Winter Carry-On European Travel

One of my intentions was to share how I packed for a trip to London in late November in a small carry-on (plus purse). Unfortunately, life happens and I still haven't gotten around to it. Y'all are in luck, though, because the PashbyMauls are traveling this weekend and I'd like to illustrate how I packed … Continue reading Day 99: Winter Carry-On European Travel